Web Site Code Optimization

Believe it or not, as many as 85% of the web pages today still use outdated layouts for their websites and do not properly support the latest standards in web development technologies.

Web Site Code OptimizationThe next time you visit a web site try a simple test, go to view > source or page source to display the HTML code of the web site. Although, you may not know HTML what you should see should still look organized and somewhat clean.

An un-optimized web site could be costing you hundreds of dollars in lost customers. The reason being, one of the factors search engines use to determine your site's rank is your HTML code. Also, having an optimized site ensures faster load time and cross Browser Compatibility.

Getting your web site up to 'code' ensures your web site will present itself to search engines in the best possible light. Search engine spiders or crawlers will be able to access all aspects of your site, without obstruction.

Web Site Code Optimization features: