Non-Profit Web Services

At 4M Web Design we are committed to the community. Based in Mercer County, New Jersey, we feel very strongly about giving back. Because of this, we are always looking for ways in which to help out and give back.

Free Website Mission (FWM)

Every year we try to create or improve 1 website for a charitable organization, completely free of charge. This is our own way of doing something for the community. We invite all qualified organizations to apply to our 'Free Website Mission' or FWM.

Find out more about the Free Website Mission

Congratulations to the Earned Income Tax Credit, the winner of the 2010 Free Website Mission

Charitable Organization Discount - 25%

Because of the tremendous work that charitable organizations offer to our community, we strive to help out in return. In addition to the Free Website Program, we offer a 25% discount to all qualifying charitable organizations on the work we perform.

4M Web Design has partnered with many of Mercer Counties leading non-profit organizations to create successful web development solutions.

Most Notable:

If your non-profit organization has been considering designing or re-designing a website, 4M Web Design has the experience to make your project a success. Contact us today.

Your organization deserves a polished well designed web design that accurately represents your mission.