Google Upgrades Apps for Nonprofits

Written by Lee Micai on March 18, 2011 – 10:17 am -

The applications have been available for awhile now, but the upgrades include several additions. The new site streamline the application process for non-profits by creating just one form to access Google’s suite of tools and a new commitment to review applications in 30 days. The application also includes Google Grants a unique in-kind donation program awarding free AdWords advertising and video overlays which allow you to put a donate button on to your YouTube videos.

If a non-profit is approved (it must be a registered 501(c)(3) in the U.S. and not be a membership or religious organization), it will gain access to Google’s suite of non-profit tools:  up to $10,000 a month in advertising in Google AdWords, free or discounted Google Apps, premium features on YouTube and mapping technologies through Google Earth.

If you meet the criteria, you can to apply on Google for Nonprofits website.

What do you think of Google for Non-Profits tools? Will you be applying? Let us know in the comments below.

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