10 Landing Page Design Tips

Written by Lee Micai on August 3, 2011 – 2:27 pm -

Whether you want a visitor download an e-book, buy your product or register for an event, optimizing your landing page is essential your campaign. If visitors can’t quickly find what they need, they’ll leave your web site annoyed and possibly not return.

Below are 10 Landing Page Design Tips that will help get the results you’re looking for:

  1. Clear calls to action. Use buttons and/or links, to direct your visitors to they should do.
  2.  Eliminate unneeded Elements. Minimize Distractions by eliminating navigation bars, other calls to actions, and links to other areas of your web site.
  3. Write in the second person. Use you and your instead of he, she, his, her, I, me and my.
  4. Use bullets or numbered lists for your most important points. Many visitors will scan through your copy. Make it easy for them to figure out the point of the page.
  5. Make sure your page loads quickly. The biggest single reason visitors do not stay at a website is that it takes too long to load; that is, the time it takes for the page to appear on the computer screen.
  6. Only ask for what you need. If you only need the visitors Name and Email address, just ask for that. The more fields in a form, the less likely a visitor is to fill it out.
  7. Add a link to your Privacy policy. Let your visitors know their information is safe. This lets them know their privacy is important to you.
  8. Spell Check. This should be a no brainier, but you’d be surprised how many web pages have spelling errors.
  9. Don’t Just Send Them to Your Home Page. Once a visitor completes your call to action send them to a specific Thank You page.
  10. Test, Test, Test.

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10 Landing Page Design Tips

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